Flash flood damage country’s economy badly; Ashraf Kaira

Provincial Minister for Finance, Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has said that flash flood has damaged the country’s economy severely and billion of dollars are immediately required not only for rescue but re-construction of flood hit areas as well.

According to handout issued here on Monday, the minister said that government was taking attention on 4R’s i.e. Rescue, Relief, Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and to fulfill this commitment International community should generously provide aid to people affected by flood.

He said that rehabilitation of flood affectees is a big challenge for the government and international community should help Pakistan in this time of trail and provide maximum aid for the flood hit people.

He said that rescuing the flood affected people and providing them relief are the top priorities of the government.

He said that the government can not perform all these operations alone, therefore all segments of society should come forward in this regard.

He said that it is a big challenge for the nation and we should come up to the expectation of our calamity stricken brothers and sisters.