Beggars throng streets with advent of Ramadan

A large number of beggars thronging the streets and main roads of the twin cities becomes a common phenomenon in the month of holy Ramadan and the quest for seeking Divine forgiveness in the holy month ends up almost doubling the amounts of beggars especially children.

Salima Mukhtar is a housewife who tries to complete Eid shopping ahead of month of Ramadan; she said it is not less than a nightmare to venture out the streets of twin cities in the month of Ramadan since beggars hold sway virtually every street and main roads.

“Beggars especially children and women become insensitive to repeated refusals of the shoppers and you cannot get rid of them unless they are paid according to their wishes,” says Salima as she comes out of a garments shop.

Increasing awareness on the issue has led to several questions which are raised by general public. “Adminstration should evolve a comprehensive strategy to deal this rising menace,’ says Naseer Satti who runs a curtain shop in Commercial Market of the garrison city.

It has become a common phenomenon to be intercepted by an aging man waving a few pages of doctor’s prescription or a seemingly disturbed woman carrying a bandaged infant in her lap, beseeching rather mechanically to help them in their ordeal.

Some of these children appear on the main roads on red signal and start cleaning the windscreen of vehicles without even asking for anything.

They only disappear after taking some alms, laments Muddaser Farooqi who resides in G-10.

Though there is no doubt that many people enter into this profession because of poverty, at the same time they exploit their economic condition to earn a certain level of subsistence.

Electronic media revealed some of the gory incidents as to how female beggars administer injurious drugs to their little ones and make them unconscious in order to get maximum alms.