Atif Aslam death rumors

Pakistani star icon singer Atif Aslam is the new catch of internet rumors. From yesterday people on internet are penning about the death of Atif Aslam.

Various blogging website wrote about the death of Atif Aslam due to various reasons.

Some claimed that he died due to backbone injury; other said Atif Aslam was suffering from cancer from last couple of years. But all these were rumors.

Infact, Atif Aslam was doing a live concert in Karachi while he fell down from the stage and faced back injury.

The rescue team took him to the nearby hospital. Being a cancer hospital, people started guessing and penning down on their website about the death news of Atif Aslam.

It was nothing but rumors of death news about Atif Aslam. Latest news about Atif Aslam is that he is alive and doing well.