11 in the run as bye election is set to be held in PP-13

As many as eleven candidates will contest for the constituency of PP-13 (Rawalpindi- XIII) and Election Commission of Pakistan has completed the arrangements for bye election which is all set to be held on Wednesday (August 25).

The polling would be continued from 8 am to 5 pm uninterrupted. The real contest would be among five candidates including Mailk Ghulam Raza of PML-N, Shahid Papu an independent claiming backing of PPP, Chaudhary Adnan of PML-Q, Abid Mughal of AML and former PPP MPA Ishtiaq Mirza, who is contesting as an independent.

Malik Ghulam Raza has a clear edge due to his connections.

City police has already announced technical searching and sweeping of 108 polling stations on Wednesday morning.

Additional cops of law enforcement agencies have been deployed at 22 sensitive polling stations. Journalists have been issued special cards for covering the auspicious occasion.

A total of 143,316 voters including 76,376 male and 66,940 female would likely to cast their votes.

The election campaign has already been culminated on August 23 mid-night. Election material has already been provided to polling staff.

As many as 108 polling stations have been set up including 52 for female and 56 for male voters. While a total of 239 polling booths have been established including 144 for female and 125 for male voters.

A total of around 108 presiding officers, 268 assistant presiding officers and same number (268) polling staff would perform duties at the polling station.