The revealing reality by Alan Hart

This revealing reality by Alan Hart’s primary source information has in fact its evident living signs on the ground of Middle East. Zionism has been deliberately made vague under the pretext of so-called conspiracy theory propaganda so far. However, at finally yet importantly, the real facts about Zionism by credible sources are emerging on the surface. Zionism The real enemy of the Jews is a very timely book. After Professor Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s The Israel Lobby, and M Shahid Alam’s Zionism Exceptionalism, Alan’s great work has further supported the argument against over a century stretched menace of Zionism. Researched works about Zionism hold an irresistible curiosity for all who are interested in the history of its domination over world economy, media, and politics. Alan Hart’s appeal to the American people in the beginning of the book tries well to convince them to realize how the Zionist agenda influenced American politics.

It is revealing and almost unbelievable that Mother Israel had confessed from the grave that Palestinians were victimized by Israel. This credit only goes to Alan Hart to have collected individually and directly such a unique historic treasury. This book will definitely be a milestone to shape the real history of Middle East. The rich experience of Alan Hart and authentic references have made this valuable writing a must read for those who want to know the facts about Middle East problem.

Author is right to assume that if Americans had been properly informed about the cause and effect of Israeli occupation and violence, there would have been pressure for an end to Israeli occupation long ago. Now, we are witnessing an emergence of anger against Israel in entire world due to its international crimes. Especially, Gaza Freedom Flotilla issue has deeply damaged Israel’s reputation in western world and submerged its false propaganda into Mediterranean waters.

The author is successful in convincing that the time has come for Judaism and Zionism to go their separate ways and represent separately. In this regard, his references of Jewish intellectuals and writers have enriched the context. I agree that till the end of 1979, Yasser Arafat have done enough that could to bring peace in the Middle East but Israel did not want so. Despite Alan Hart’s primary unparalleled source of information, his secondary source of information regarding Zionism’s history is still a researchable context because Zionism’s history is the history of lies and propaganda. I do not think that Mother Israel Golda Meir had to beg for money from American Jews; I believe it was American Jews who primarily and mainly contributed to commit the biggest crime of history in the formation of illegitimate state of Israel. Further, Alan Hart’s respect for Golda Meir seems too personal.

As far as book title is concerned, Alan Hart correctly distinguished Jews from Zionists. Because of Zionist crimes, Jews are being ashamed of being Jewish. While protesting against Israel aggression on Turkish aid ship carrying goods for Gaza people in New York, Jews condemned Israel’s misdeeds during an anti-Israel rally. Therefore, it would be wrong to consider every Jew a Zionist. Moreover, Jews need to declare globally that they have nothing to do with the agenda of Zionists and Israel.

Undoubtedly, this book is outstanding reading. Alan Hart has done a brilliant work. Every student of international affairs must read this book.