The ‘fake’ degree club

Members in the fake degree club seem to be increasing at a constant pace, as the Higher Education Commission continues the verification process. On Tuesday, HEC rejected 3 more degrees, mounting the total to 49.

The immediate issue is not whether a public representative is academically qualified or not, the real menace is the nourishing culture of lies and deception at the top most level of government, that trickles down to the society at large.rnrnOne of the major crises in our country is the ethical downfall and degrading moral values – The higher the position, the lower the moral values!

We might not be able to reverse the ethical downfall that has happened over time, but we can at least recognize the issue and accept it as a challenge. Once this is done, some sane elements in the society might take steps to eradicate this menace and help our next generation remain morally intact.

The process that is happening now, due to Supreme Court’s order to verify the educational degrees of public representatives, is bringing a halt to further moral decay in the society and symbolically recognizing ‘fraud’ as a punishable crime.

Sometimes, visible crises in the society flourish from buried reasons, which many of us fail to see and comprehend!