Pakistan ready for composite dialogue with India, but without preconditions

Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit said that Pakistan was ready to participate in the process of composite dialogue with India, provided their were no preconditions from the other side.
In a telephonic interview to a private television channel, the Spokesman said that Pakistan can also pose a number of preconditions for entering into the process of dialogue but the country believes in settlement of its bilateral issues with India through a positive negotiation process.
“Ball is in India’s court, we are ready for a proper process of composite dialogue”, the Spokesman said while responding to a latest statement of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh wherein he has stated that there was no other way but the composite dialogue for the solution of Pak-India disputes.
“We welcome the Indian desire for resumption of composite dialogue”, Basit said adding Pakistan has always been making efforts in this regard.
He said the Pakistan’s delegation visited India with a positive approach adding “We have given a road-map to Indians and now it depend upon them as and when they respond to this road-map positively”.
Basit said the continuity of dialogue in not only in the interest of Pakistan and India but in the interest of entire region.
He said Pakistan was never desperate for the dialogue with India but being nuclear powers it was in mutual interest of both the countries to settle their differences and disputes through negotiation for the security of entire region.
Basit said that, to address the issue of terrorism it is also imperative that Pakistan and Indian should work in cooperative form.
To make hostage the entire peace process on the pretext of one single incident was not a mature approach, he said.
He said that Pakistan’s position from day one was crystal clear to everyone with regard to composite dialogue and it will keep on pursing it in future also.
“We will keep on trying to get engage with India in a meaningful, purposeful and result oriented dialogue process”, he explained.
The Spokesman said that it was the success of Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts that India has acknowledged that the composite dialogue process had proved beneficial for the region.

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