Berlin buys MINK tickets at 1000 Euros each

Shah Rukh Khan, Karan Johar and Kajol are at the Berlin film festival. They’ll all be out on the red carpet on Friday for the out of competition premiere of their film My Name is Khan.
SRK’s fan base in Western Europe, especially German speaking countries, has been growing bigger and bigger for the last five years.
In Berlin, there is a massive response to the film as it premieres there today. Its online tickets were sold out in five seconds on e-Bay for 1000 euros each.
Fans had not slept all night to keep their places in the queue despite freezing temperature. Those who arrived late were in tears.
The Berlin Film Festival director has said he’s never seen anything like it. This year is expected to be even bigger than 2008 when ‘Om Shanti Om’ was screened.
Festival organisers are gearing up for big crowds and those who did manage to get tickets for the red carpet premier of the film say they wouldn’t miss the show for anything.
An Austrian professor has travelled from Vienna to see the film and is hoping to meet SRK to invite him for a big conference on Shahrukhology and SRK’s global appeal.
“The Hollywood or German masculine hero is very one dimensional but SRK is different. He’s the new global Indian hero who is also the ambassador of Indian culture and Indian cinema,” says Elke Mader, Professor, University of Vienna.
The excitement around My name is Khan is building up in Berlin. How fans will react to the film will soon be clear.