Shahrukh Khan & Aamir khan together in Bombay velvet

On the sets of his film Lajja, director Raj Kumar Santoshi had publicly stated that Aamir Khan & Shahrukh Khan will never work together.His words have stood the test of time & the movie buffs havent seen their longings come true.
In the early 90s, the duo did play minor roles in a mediocre film called ‘Pehla Nashaa’, but they didnt share the same screen. Our wishes of witnessing the two biggest stars together could have seen light had they agreed to work in the recently-released movie London Dreams for which, if reports are to be believed, they were the first choices. The roles eventually fell in the laps of Ajay and Salman & once again, our desires were shattered.
Be it ego-problems or filmy-rivalry, its no surprise that the two have their differences and the fans would be over the moon if Danny Boyle succeeds in bringing them together in his Bombay Velvet.Mr. Perfectionist & King Khan did join hands recently to negotiate terms between the film fraternity and the multiplex-owners. That, certainly, gave the tabloid something to chew at. But, come December, and you may find them in the same frame if they attend Paas premiere as both have assured their presence in the much-anticipated event.
Hopefully, on 3rd December, they shed their differences and pose together to the extreme delight of the cameraman.