First anniversary of 26/11, Bollywood stands together

26 11 is no ordinary date in the history of India as it is associated with one of the most inhuman and dastardly acts of violence perpetrated against mankind.
Today, it’s the first anniversary of the shocking Mumbai carnage that shook the entire nation. Hotels in Mumbai like Taj, Cama Hospital and Nariman House are the examples of the horrid tale of terror when ten armed terrorists took the city on hostage.
In order to pay heart-felt tributes to the victims and heroes of 2611 Mumbai attack, Bollywood celebrities got together and shared their views on the first anniversary of the day that shook the entire nation.
Talking to a news daily, Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan said, “I am feeling more Indian after 2611. I’m happy to witness the new movement that’s gripping India to bring about change. For peace in our nation, there needs to be peace in our hearts.”
According to John Abraham, “It hurts me deeply when I see the kind of security an undeserving politician gets and I’m speaking as a normal citizen… because I am a normal citizen.” Meanwhile, a cagey Bipasha Basu added, “I hope the government will be responsible enough and act now. We pay taxes and as a responsible citizen, I am questioning where’s the money going? I need an answer… “
In the words of Akshay Kumar, “We the People can save our country, no one else… We are respected for our strength and our humble hearts, let’s do the right thing — fight for peace, not war.”
Priyanka Chopra asked the younger generation to be more vigilant as, “To the younger generation, I implore you… don’t accept mediocrity, don’t aid corruption, be vigilant and above all, participate in our collective future.”