Priyanka Chopra unwell

Confirmation that Priyanka Chopra may be working too hard at the moment came with the news that she had to cancel a day’s shooting with Uday Chopra for Pyaar Impossible because of a viral attack.
‘Down with the flu or viral or some such thing that is making me miserable.Ugh! I hate being sick! Had to cancel shoot. Guilty’ she announced on Twitter.
Priyanka has hardly stopped in the last nine months, working on Kaminey, What’s Your Rashee, which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and now Pyaar Impossible as well as handling her extra-curricular commitments with regard to events and promotions – most recently the launch of Nokia’s new camera range. She is well known in the industry for her professionalism bordering on being a workaholic with regular 16 or 20 hour days.
Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor’s mother Neelima Azeem is hoping to cast Priyanka in her first movie as producer. “Yes, I met up with Priyanka at her house,” she confirms, “She is the only girl in the industry whom I have approached. She fits the role. The heroine appears only in the second half. It’s a very vital role.” The project is as yet untitled.

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