Ex-ISI official says he has recovered Jinnahpur maps

Ex-ISI official says he has recovered Jinnahpur mapsA former senior official of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has said that he had recovered maps of Jinnahpur from the headquarters of the MQM during raids in the early 90s.
Major Nadeem Dar(retd), who was incharge of the raiding parties at the MQM’s nine-zero, residence of Altaf Hussain, told a private television channel that he had recovered many Jinnahpur maps and handed them over to the officials concerned.
He rejected the statement of Brigadier Imtiaz that no Jinnahpur map was recovered. “I can swear that General Imtiaz is telling a lie” he said.
He said that he had raided the headquarters of the MQM and recovered published and unpublished maps from there. He said that he had sent the maps to the officials then, Major Haroon and Major Nadeem.
“If Brigadier Imtiaz is saying that there were no maps, then it means we were being used,” Nadeem Dar said.
“I knew about all the operations, because I was dealing with the MQM and was also familiar with that area,” he said.
He charged former Corps Commander General Naseer Akhtar of spreading corruption in Karachi. “I recovered Indian currency and gold in Karachi and arrested some persons, but General Naseer asked me to release the accused”, he said and added that even though an FIR had been registered against the accused, the General Nasser ordered their release.
He said that he had arrested MQM’s known terrorist Mashhood Hashmi for killing Jamaat-e-Islami members, but then Major Nadeem threatened him to free Mashhood, as President Ghulam Ishaq Khan would send him home.

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