Helicopter crash kills at least 7 in Afghanistan

A helicopter supplying the Nato-led force in southern Afghanistan, scene of a massive operation by US Marines, crashed on Tuesday killing at least seven foreigners, alliance officials said.
The Taliban, leading the insurgency against foreign troops and the Afghan government, said it had shot down a Chinook helicopter in southern Helmand province.
The seven included civilian contractors and the helicopter was supplying non-military goods to Nato-led force, a spokesman for the force in Kabul said. He did not give details about the identity of those killed or type of the helicopter.
An Afghan official who witnessed the crash told Reuters the helicopter was being used by foreign forces. Spokesmen for the British and US forces said it was a civilian aircraft.
A spokeswoman for the US Navy, Lieutenant-Commander Christine Sidenstricker, said there had been some casualties in the crash in the Sangin district of Helmand.
“We know that there were casualties, but we are still receiving information from the scene and at this time do not have any additional details about them,” she told Reuters.

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