Hrithik-Barbara love story a publicity stunt for Kites

The latest news has confirmed that the entire Hrithik Roshan-Barbara Mori episode was nothing more than a publicity stunt. It’s been revealed that Roshans had cooked up the Hrithik-Barbara love story to promote their upcoming flick ‘Kites’.
Reports reveal when Hrithik and Susanne Roshan walked the ramp at the IIFA ceremony in Macau, they looked like a perfect loving couple. And a source close to the family revealed that ‘Hrithik’s relationship with Mori’ rumour was apparently created by the Roshans themselves.
According to our source, as Hrithik and Susanne kissed before going on to the runway at IIFA, a friend called out, “Hey, don’t do that, it’ll spoil your strategy.” The friend also let out to a source that all the statements made by the Roshans, including Susanne’s statement that ‘no one could break her marriage’, were deliberately done to create the whole drama.
Not just that, grapevine has it that another family friend said that even the recent Kangna Ranaut-Adhyayan Suman split is a part of their publicity gimmick. The friend revealed, “They are part of the same strategy. Rakesh Roshan is keen to show that Kangna is single as part of the promotional plan.”
Well, if the friend is to be believed, we would say that this wasn’t expected from the Roshans, at least!

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