Pakistan, China’s strategic cooperative partnership to further grow in 2009

Wishing further success, progress and prosperity for the dynamic Chinese people in years ahead, Pakistan’s Ambassador to China Masood Khan said that the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries will further grow in 2009.
In a message to the Chinese Media on the occasion of New Year, Ambassador Khan said that the existing strong bonds of friendship between China and Pakistan are to ensure peace and stability in the region.
He said that war is not beneficial to any country, on the contrary it is catastrophic for the region, therefore it is imperative that the developing countries in the region should join hands for the development and for well being of their masses by reducing poverty from their respective countries.
Ambassador Khan said that 2008 was an eventful year for both Pakistan and China.
Elaborating, he said that in 2008, after general election in his country, the PPP government came into power with popular mandate from masses. It has formed government in the center and all four provinces with the coalition of other political parties with objective to promote politics of reconciliation and establishment of a harmonious society.
The top Pakistani leadership visited China the same year. President of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari had as per tradition choose to first under take state visit to China that also demonstrated love and fraternity of the government of Pakistan and people with their Chinese brethren.
Likewise, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani also visited China twice. Once to attend the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic and second time to attend the 7th ASEM summit that was largely attended by top leaders from Europe and Asia.
In 2008, there was frequent high-level exchange of visits from both sides, he said and added that a 100-member Chinese youth delegation visited Pakistan, while Pakistani young parliamentarian delegation, businessmen, politicians and many high-level official delegates visited China.
In the same way, in 2008, China organized one of the best Olympics Games ever held in its history.
It also very successfully organized 7th ASEM summit, in which top leaders from Europe and Asia took part. It also celebrated the 30 years of Reforms and Opening up that has changed the whole spectrum of China and soon it will become the world top economy.
Regarding China’s pivotal role to meet challenges of the present world financial crisis, the Ambassador said that it has already allocated half a trillion dollar for development of infrastructure that will mostly benefit the marginal income group of country’s 1.2 billion population.
He said that most of the developing countries economy depends on China and it has taken very responsible polices to address the prevailing crisis.

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