No govt ever allowed US to attack Pakistani territory

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The committee formed by the Parliament with unanimity has been constituted by Speaker National Assembly with its members taken from all the parties. It will hold its first meeting on December 2 and evolve strategy with regard to security and to counter terrorism and extremism.
This was stated by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani while addressing a press conference in the VIP Lounge of Karachi Airport soon after his arrival here on Monday. He said no government has allowed US to attack Pakistani territory
Prime Minister said the committee will be given briefing by Foreign Minister, Interior Advisor and DG ISI on behalf of the Army and apprise it about the situation as well as the government strategy and policy against terrorism.
Thereafter, he said, the committee will chalk out the strategy and policy to deal with security concerns, terrorism and extremism.
Referring to prevailing economic situation viz a viz the IMF, the Prime Minister pointed out that it was caused by global recession and
it had even hit major and economically very strong countries and the position as it was today that they were standing in a row with the IMF.
He said present government is lucky that already took difficult decisions within couple of months of coming into power. The government
Withdrew lot of subsidies, improved the fiscal policies, reduced the loan borrowings and cut down the luxurious items.
He said this proved beneficial for us as it facilitated is to accept the IMF conditionality for grant of loan.
Now, he said, the position is that several countries will not survive without IMF support and super powers like US too have been affected by gloab recession.
The Prime Minister told the press that economics and terrorism are two major subjects for him which can destabilise our country’s economy and have affect on political situation.
He described law and order vizi a viz terrorism and extremism and economy co related and he take them as one issue.
“Inshaallah with the cooperation of our collegues and partners we will arrest the situation”, Prime Minister Gilani declared.
Replying to a question in relation to a foreign media report, the Prime Minister made it clear that as far as Pakistan is concerned our army is totally professional, dedicated and pro democracy and it has proved it.
He told another questioner that Pakistan is few paces ahead of some other countries as it was in the strategically in the forefront in the world against terrorism and because of our being on the border line and near to Afghan border, we have to make greater efforts.
As regards the headway made on this count, the Prime Minister pointed out that previously the government heads used to have three hats, as at the same time they were Army Chief, the President and Chief Executive same time.
But, now everyone is acountable before the parliament as our strategy is that policies are being framed as per wishes and aspirations of people.
He said it is for the first time that when writ of the government is challenged and arm action takes place, the indigenous ‘Lashkars’ are formed and they support the government policies and the steps taken.
“It is for the first time that action taken by the army of Pakistan is supported by the people of Pakistan”.

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