Afghan Nato base attacked from Pakistan: military

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A Nato base in Afghanistan and a local army compound were attacked from across the border with Pakistan Saturday, the force said.
Troops responded with artillery fire after the mortar attacks, but no casualties were reported, Nato’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said in a statement.
“Three rounds of indirect fire landed in the vicinity of the ISAF FOB (forward operating base) and three rounds landed inside an Afghan National Army compound,” it said.
“ISAF forces determined the origination of the rounds to be in Pakistan and returned artillery fire in self-defence.”
Nato, which has some 47,000 troops in Afghanistan, recently urged Pakistan to improve security on its frontier with the war-torn country following a rise in cross-border attacks by Taliban fighters and al Qaeda militants.
Ties between Kabul and Islamabad have been fragile, with each accusing the other of not doing enough to tackle militants behind a wave of violence on both sides of the border.
The latest attack came as six foreign troops were killed in Afghanistan, making it the deadliest day this year for international soldiers in the war-torn nation.

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