‘Third time PM’ main hurdle in govt Benazir deal: Rashid

Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad has said that the main obstacle in the way of government-Benazir deal is refusal of the government to allow any one to become Prime Minister for third time.
The Minister said that by coming Monday the deal must finalize, otherwise, he warned the situation could take a new turn.
Talking to a private TV channel here on Friday the Minister said that after the Thursday meeting of the government circle, situation pertaining to the deal has changed and next 48 hours are very important as every thing would be clear by this period.
The Minister pointed out that the PML-Q leadership is deadly opposing allowing any one to become Prime Minister for the third time.
He said by 3 p.m. on Thursday last, things were moving satisfactorily but after that differences cropped up.
So far as Article 58 – 2 (B) is concerned, PPP has been clearly told that it would continue to stay
About Sharif Brothers’ return to the country, Sheikh Rashid said if the government allows Benazir to return to the country, then Sharif Brothers should also be permitted and the government should adopt uniformed policy on the issue.
The Minister expressed the view that the government will have to deal with the PPP; otherwise the situation in the country might be complicated.
To a question, he said that he was talking with responsibilities and termed 9 per cent deal as insignificant.
The PML-Q President, Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, had said that 9 per cent talks have been finalized with the PPP while Sheikh Rashid had earlier stated that 90 per cent deal has been done and it was in the final stage.

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