Wasi holds Justice Iftikhar’s lawyers responsible for new reference

Total responsibility for the second reference against the Chief Justice lies with his lawyers, said Federal Law Minister Muhammad Wasi Zafar.
‘They paved the way for the same’, he added, according to an official statement.
Law minister said that chief justice’s lawyers chose to adopt a political way to defend the reference rather than defending it legally.
‘They attempted vehemently to politicise the whole issue just because they had low legal defence’, Zafar emphasised.
“Had they not filed the affidavit of the chief justice, the government would have never opted to adopt this method,” said Zafar.
“The act of filing the affidavit by the chief justice, said the law minister, was ill-advised with a purpose to further politicise the matter. The contents of three affidavits filed by the government are nothing but the whole truth,” he added.
“The government was constrained to file these affidavits as the filing of affidavits was initiated by the honourable chief justice himself”.
‘Previously the government was not disclosing these facts just because it wanted to save the honour and dignity of the judiciary. But now as these facts have become public, it has become the duty and constitutional obligation of the government to file a fresh reference,’ Wasi said.
The law minister said that the Chief Justice’s lawyers are also responsible for the post reference acts and events, all of which have now become a part of the second reference.
Now they are attempting to save their face once again by making political statements over a purely constitutional and legal matter as they are fully aware that they don’t have any legal defence, he added.
“Lawyers of the chief justice have actually attempted to pressurise the whole society, courts, and the judiciary but they have failed miserably, Zafar said. All this was done for their personal political motives and ambitiousness for publicity,” he added.
The law minister said that, by their misinterpretation they even misguided and prompted the media to violate and flout the orders passed, and instructions issued by the honourable apex court and the Supreme Judicial Council.
Their sole intention until now, Zafar indicated, was to achieve their personal politically motivated goals even by putting national interests at stake.
Zafar emphasised that the judicial norms, ethics, and the national interest requires that only legal and constitutional ways were to be adopted in this matter but CJ’s lawyers have intentionally flouted them.

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