Shaukat and Jatoi take up energy policy

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Federal Minister for Water and Power, Liaquat Ali Jatoi, on Friday called on the Prime Minister, Shaukat Aziz and discussed the energy conservation policy and other related matters. The Prime Minister decided to allow the traders to close shops, bazaars and other business and commercial activities by 9pm.
The Minister said that the decision of one-hour extension to closure time of shops has been taken keeping in view the demand of the trader’s community and public convenience. He urged the people to conserve energy in the best national interest and support the government on energy conservation policy.
He said that rapidly developing Pakistan calls for more electricity and its judicious use by all segments of the society. Large-scale industrial set-up and electrification of thousands of villages in the recent past have caused enormous increase in demand of electricity and we have to bridge the gap between demand and supply during peak season through load management.
He appealed to every consumer of electricity to cooperate with the government and adopt energy conservation measures and avoid excessive use of electricity to ensure stable supply of power.
He advised the people to prefer energy savers equipment, reduce the use of air conditioners, especially during the peak hours. He was of the view that marriage halls should avoid decoration and unnecessary lighting. Industrial units should reduce electric load by 25 percent during peak hours. Farmers may use tube wells during off peak hours instead of in the evening and also get fiscal benefit in their electricity bills.
With the cooperation of the people in energy conservation campaign, the country would be able to continue industrial activities while educational institutions and hospitals to receive uninterrupted supply, he hoped.

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