Imran says APC criteria for genuine opposition

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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said proposed All Parties Conference (APC) in London under the aegis of Pakistan Muslim League-N in February or March next would differentiate between genuine opposition parties and those supporting the military-led regime in the country.
Addressing “Meet the Press” Program of Karachi Press Club (KPC) here, he said there is no other way left for opposition parties except to approach masses for restoration of genuine democracy and getting them rid of dictatorship, alleging that even courts were not providing justice.
“There are some No Go Areas even for the higher courts where they are helpless” he said and added that present government was so for successful in keeping opposition parties scattered, otherwise they could have created a mess for the military-led regime.
Criticising the government for its handling of Balochistan issue and attitude meted out to former Chief Minister Balochistan Akhtar Mengal in the jail, he said government was producing another Mujeeb-ur-Rahman in the shape of Akhtar Mengal through its discriminatory policies.
Imran said lawlessness and price-hike were the biggest issues facing masses but instead of resolving them, rulers were busy in making tall claims of progress and development and visiting foreign countries.
“Present government is biggest law breaker as the President, who is also a military chief and he is addressing ruling party’s public gatherings and demanding people to vote for its candidates in the next elections” he charged adding that country’s biggest financial scams were also carried out by the present regime.
He termed National Accountability Bureau (NAB) as political arm of the present government and said it completely failed to achieve targets set for it after its creation.
Commenting on role of opposition political parties, he said it was success of the government that it had so far kept opposition parties divided otherwise a united opposition could create immense problems for the military-led regime.
He said Karachi always played leading role in struggles against dictatorship in the past but nowadays, owing to ethnic politics, people of Karachi were not playing their traditional and historic role for restoration of democracy in the country.
Imran Khan said without “neutral umpires” next general elections could not be held in a free, fair and transparent manner and urged opposition parties to get united and approach masses for ousting the dictator instead of pinning hopes from others.
Other leaders of PTI including its Sindh President Zubair Khan were also present on the occasion.

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