Danish newspaper prints Holocaust caricatures from Iran

A Danish newspaper on Friday published cartoons of the Holocaust exhibited in Iran as part of an international contest organised in response to a row over blasphemous Danish caricatures depicting the revered Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
Six cartoons of the Holocaust appeared in the Danish daily Information.
The Iranian contest was announced in February in a tit-for-tat move after impious caricatures depicting the revered Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) were first printed in Denmark and then picked up and published world-wide, enraging Muslims.
“The idea is to show where the limits of freedom of expression are in Europe,” the head of the “Iran Cartoon” association in Tehran, Masoud Shojai, told Information.
“Because if we have freedom of expression, why shouldn’t we discuss the Holocaust?” he asked.
He said the Holocaust cartoons “have nothing to do with anti-Semitism” and that he had “nothing against the Jews”.
The centre received 1,193 drawings from 61 countries for its contest, according to the Danish paper.
The six which appeared in Information included one cartoon depicting a pistol-toting President George W. Bush, wearing a helmet with the Star of David, pointing at a painting of Adolf Hitler and saying: “He started it”.

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