Israel ‘regrets’ Costa Rica embassy move

Israel said on Thursday it regretted Costa Rica’s decision to move its embassy from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, a move that will leave El Salvador as the only country with its diplomatic mission in the Holy City.
“The Israeli government expresses its regret and disappointment following this decision that in today’s circumstances can be interpreted as a concession in the face of terrorism,” a foreign ministry statement said.
“Reunified Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel and nothing can dent our determination to keep to this position,” it said.
Costa Rica announced on Wednesday that it would its embassy from Jerusalem, where it has been since 1982, to the main commercial city of Tel Aviv.
Israel claims all of Jerusalem as its capital, but its capture and annexation of the Arab eastern sector in 1967 is not recognised by the international community and most foreign governments maintain their embassies in Tel Aviv.

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